Genoger, The Temple of Fraid

The Tales of Glory

Verily this day hath been quite a remarkable one. I saw the most wonderful cloud today. It was moving faster than anything I’ve ever seen, and therefore I followed it. Everyone else seemed rather…afraid. But I know that they were just in awe of my glory! I followed this cloud until I felt a pull in my stomach, and suddenly found myself in Madretsma. I know not the sorcery that brought me thus, but I saw Richard alongside me in the room in which we found ourselves, so I assumed that we would be okay. Gloriously, I wedged my blade among the bars of the room, and they were wedged open. Thus had we arrived in Madretsma, with the aid of some silly pirate man who seemed to know Richard, and had some idea who I was. I must pursue this silly pirate man, and share encouragement with him, as he hath aided mine glory.

Verily did we depart from the building with a new companion in tow, although I believe he may have had a most inglorious fate befall him. We stepped outside, and I slew many a giant black beast with insignificant rider on back. After probably twenty seconds, I suddenly found myself in the presence of the rest of my comrades, upon a ship, high in the sky. After gloriously envalorizing my boots of goose, I proceeded to bash my swords against these foul, winged beasts. They did not seem to like me very much, so I continued to ensnare them with my blade until they were no more.

Many things happened thereafter, and I proved my glory to the party by retrieving us from the far off place in which we found ourselves. I found a silver cord attached to me, which seemed to anchor the entirety of the crew where we were, so I severed this cord, bringing us all back. Although Madretsma looked somewhat different from before, I could not quite place what was wrong. My comrade Richard gloriously attacked a swirling swirl thing of unglory, which then attacked back, sending him flying far off. Knowing I had to assert my glory, I charged the beast with all my might, dealing tickle damage to it. In fact, I eventually attacked it so gloriously, that I found myself in Artgard. When I got there, I found myself a new gnome companion. He seems somehow…familiar, but I cannot wait to introduce him to Richard!

Meanwhile, we have been taken to the castle so that we may be entertained. For Glory!!!

Blackjack's Log

This is what I can remember,
and I know I missed quite abit…
so add to it when you can!

>Day 1

Blackjack and Chichxyl’zs arrive at the Madretsma city gate,
meet Deekan Redspear and help his clan enter the city.

The Kobolds and Blackjack head to an “inconspicuous inn”
while Chichxyl’zs investigates the local mage’s guild*.

Meanwhile, Articus Redmane’s house is burned down by the town guard,
his daughter and familiar presumed dead inside.

Articus, his friend Krinkle, and the mysterious Nicolas escape the assault
and head to an “inconspicuous inn”.

At the inn, inside one of the rooms,
Articus, Krinkle, Nicolas, Blackjack and Deekan meet
and ,after a short stand-off”, decide to work togather.

Shortly after, the guard bursts into the room to arrest Articus
but are quickly dispatched discreetly by the party.

Unfortunately there are more guards outside
and,thanks to Krinkle’s preemptive attack,
they begin to mobilize against the inn.

The party manages to disperse the guard
and are surprisingly rescued by the mage’s guild*
via the use of flying rune plates.

Brought to the guild’s headquarters on tier 1,
the party soon becomes divided:
Blackjack follows a female mage into the complex,
Krinkle finds a source of sweets,
Articus and Nicolas are introduced to the resistance on tier 3,
and Deekan and his tribe remain outside the headquarters.

As Blackjack is lead through the building,
Chichxyl’zs catches a brief glance at his friend
before he walks off.

Deekan, Krinkle and Chichxyl’zs are presented with “gifts”,
but they are tainted and are used as means to enchant those who accept them!

Deekan forces his tribe to avoid their gift,
Krinkle eats but manages to break free of the effects,
and Chichxyl’zs abstains from indulging… ?

Chichxyl’zs meets with Deekan’s tribe,
and during the resulting melee loses his memory and his left? arm…
when he comes to he believes he is one of Deekan’s tribe!

Else-ware, Blackjack is ambushed by guild members
but is able to escape them thanks to the efforts of Krinkle
and the female mage Nera Cloudman.

Whilst Blackjack’s party escapes Richard Fiedlerson causes mischief in town,
seducing many with his form and igniting things impulsively…
one result being the creation of a fire elemental that binds to him.

Shortly after Blackjack’s party runs into Richard
and, perhaps from curiosity or whim, he joins them.

Deekan commands Chichxyl’zs to use his abilities
to control the rune plates and move his clan and their gear.

In transit, several Kobolds fall to their death
and only Deekan and Chichxyl’zs manage to land relatively unharmed.

Chichxyl’zs uses his Plane Shift ability
to allow Deekan to commune with his fallen kin.

Blackjack and his associates locate the kobolds and they regroup,
but not before a kobold deity binds Krinkle into servitude to Deekan.

Assuming that Nicolas would be on tier 3 to plunder,
the party travels to the location and reunite with Articus as well.

The university and barracks offer safe haven,
and the party rests.

*What is the name of the mage’s guild?

>Day 2

Nicolas wakes early and proceeds to “explore” the city,
leading to the local Shield Guardians pursuing him.

During the chase, a unusual vampire* becomes involved,
escaping in bat form and following Nicolas into the sewers.

In the sewers, they evade the Guardian patrols by following rats
into the secret den of “The Clockmaker”

Back to the university, the party divides into different tasks;
Deekan, Chichxyl’zs, and Krinkle go shopping,
purchasing a magical hat for Krinkle and a tail band for Deekan.
Blackjack enhances his charismatic abilities
and buys several magical items at huge discounts.
Articus goes shopping in the barrack armory,
and gathers intelligence from the guards(?).

Back with The Clockmaker,
he agrees to escape the sewers and the Guardians with Nicolas,
using his abilities and knowledge as an Artificer
to evade the patrols and travel with them to tier 3.

As the party convenes in the main section of tier 3,
Nicolas opens a bound spell book he stole…
causing a colossal fiendish red dragon to be released!

The whole city of Madretsma loses magic power for a short time,
causing fear and panic throughout the populace!

During the “black-out” Chichxyl’zs and Blackjack
forge a deed to an abandoned inn…

The dragon cries out “FATHER!!!” and swoops down,
snatching up Nicolas and flying off with him!

As “normalcy” returns, the party again splits to make preparations;
The Clockmaster with Blackjack, Deekan, the kobolds, and Krinkle
head to the gnomish workshops(?) and develop a type of “bomb”
to disable the Shield Guardians.
Articus and the Vampire* head into the University
to get answers from one of the professors there.

As soon as Articus approached the professor about the issues,
he banishes the vampire from the room
and proceeds to disintegrate Articus!

Articus, on the ethereal plane,
is then informed of the many problems of the city;
the magical corruption is out of control
without the guards to keep it in check,
the drow have already itergrated with the guard
and the only way to stop them is with ghosts,
and the dragon is the ancient enemy
of the deity Jaideon who blessed Madretsma!

One good thing though: he finds that his daughter was saved!

Now, knowing to gather the ghosts of the guards
to fight the drow and regain control of the city,
Articus travels out into the center of Tier 3.

The Vampire* returns to the professor’s office to find ashes
and a black skull which shows him a premonition
and abruptly crumbles.

While Articus was in the university
Deekan, Chichxyl’zs, Krinkle and the tribe
enter the abandoned inn and are abruptly sealed inside!

Chichxyl’zs attempts to use a portable hole to exit,
but the magical pollution causes it to nearly consume him!
Thankfully, Blackjack was close enough to prevent the worst of it,
but the mind flayer’s remaining arm is lost.

Blackjack attempts to save his old friend’s arm
by running it to the triage, with little success.

Around that time Articus, in ghostly form,
enters the cursed inn and finds it full of the ghosts of guards!
Convincing them to allow the other group to leave,
he exits and… [Memory Fail!]

Now once again alive,
Articus finds that he retains some connection
to the ghost realm.

Finding his friend safe,
and later learning of his returned memory,
he tries to help him, but finds him missing!

Chichxyl’zs finds himself transported to what is possibly the future
and is fitted with two mystical arms before returning to the present.

Experimenting with his new-found abilities,
Articus accidentally kills a father and two children
while in pursuit of some shadow creature.

Then, summoning an Unseen Servant
to investigate an area of pollution,
the servant manifests as a physical being!

After dispatching the abomination,

Articus returns to the barracks to gather allies,
while Blackjack returns to The Clockmaster
and attempts to acquire goggles to help Articus see.

The Clockmaster sends Blackjack to the ground tier,
to a mysterious shop…

Meanwhile, back at the inn,
Deekan finds some remains and takes their Decanter,
removing the curse from the inn.

Articus meets Falling White, a Catfolk paladin,
and they return to the University for… [Memory Fail!]

Discovering a trans-dimensional doorway,
Fall enters and retrieves a ring from a disembodied arm.

As a result of the anti-magic field produced,
as well as Articus shifting to ethereal,
the university begins to collapse!

They are saved by Fall’s Pegasus mount,
and are set down in next to Chichxyl’zs’s inn.

Shortly earlier Deekan, Krinkle and Chichxyl’zs traveled outside the city
to check in on the local kobold encampment.

Back to tier 3; Articus and Fall become compelled to jump off the tier…
Articus jumps, and levitates at the last second before impact,
which (possibly) causes a chain reacting causing the tiers to fall!

Saved, yet again, by the Pegasus they see The Clockmaster and some gnomes
using a small flying ship to stop the rampaging Shield Guardians!
They land aboard.

Blackjack, after just leaving the store, find the city in chaos!

Spotting the flying machine, he uses a grappling hook to board it…

Just as tier 1 crashes into the ground level,
everything suddenly begins to revert back…
with the exception of a large new casino appearing on the ground level!
“Lord Blackjack’s Dragon’s Den Casino!” a banner reads!

The clockwork chip landing on the now stable 1st tier,
The Clockmaster activates a machine to cleanse the area of arcane pollution!

Articus, Blackjack and Fall disembark…

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