Genoger, The Temple of Fraid

The Tales of Glory

Verily this day hath been quite a remarkable one. I saw the most wonderful cloud today. It was moving faster than anything I’ve ever seen, and therefore I followed it. Everyone else seemed rather…afraid. But I know that they were just in awe of my glory! I followed this cloud until I felt a pull in my stomach, and suddenly found myself in Madretsma. I know not the sorcery that brought me thus, but I saw Richard alongside me in the room in which we found ourselves, so I assumed that we would be okay. Gloriously, I wedged my blade among the bars of the room, and they were wedged open. Thus had we arrived in Madretsma, with the aid of some silly pirate man who seemed to know Richard, and had some idea who I was. I must pursue this silly pirate man, and share encouragement with him, as he hath aided mine glory.

Verily did we depart from the building with a new companion in tow, although I believe he may have had a most inglorious fate befall him. We stepped outside, and I slew many a giant black beast with insignificant rider on back. After probably twenty seconds, I suddenly found myself in the presence of the rest of my comrades, upon a ship, high in the sky. After gloriously envalorizing my boots of goose, I proceeded to bash my swords against these foul, winged beasts. They did not seem to like me very much, so I continued to ensnare them with my blade until they were no more.

Many things happened thereafter, and I proved my glory to the party by retrieving us from the far off place in which we found ourselves. I found a silver cord attached to me, which seemed to anchor the entirety of the crew where we were, so I severed this cord, bringing us all back. Although Madretsma looked somewhat different from before, I could not quite place what was wrong. My comrade Richard gloriously attacked a swirling swirl thing of unglory, which then attacked back, sending him flying far off. Knowing I had to assert my glory, I charged the beast with all my might, dealing tickle damage to it. In fact, I eventually attacked it so gloriously, that I found myself in Artgard. When I got there, I found myself a new gnome companion. He seems somehow…familiar, but I cannot wait to introduce him to Richard!

Meanwhile, we have been taken to the castle so that we may be entertained. For Glory!!!



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