Genoger House Rules

When attacking, if you get a 20 and then roll for critical getting a 20, you roll for death and if you succeed you get x2 the amount of xp for the kill. If you get a 20 for critical and death threat as well you get x5 the xp.

When rolling statistics you reroll all 1’s and if you get four 6’s then you get a 19 instead of an 18.

No gestalt characters, it’s ridiculous.

Negotiate all Pathfinder rules when trying to incorporate them into a 3.5 game.

Always feel free to negotiate things with the DM, a lot of people like to think that the
DM’s word is law. Players are making the storytelling too, it isn’t fair to you if you are silent for your own life. So why would you for your own story?

No matter how crazy or insane the action is, if I don’t say anything about it then it happened in game regardless and you may freak out accordingly.

If you try to ‘go your own way’ in a custom campaign setting and just can’t play unless you can do that, then either we play default D & D or you learn more about the custom campaign. Otherwise the stuff that doesn’t exist normally just won’t exist normally i.e. if fell drakes don’t exist you can’t just buy one or tame one that isn’t there. Follow previous house rules in the case of what you want isn’t there.

Customization of your character for the most part is acceptable(negotiations applied of course)

No Psionics, they are OP and generally just broken altogether.

Genoger House Rules

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