Tag: Monster Continent


  • Kenku

    [[Kenku]] exist on the [[Monster Continent]] in the center of the landmass but also have been traveling south to build more settlements. [[Goatfolk]] exist in the north and northwest of The Monster Continent. Kenku are one of the few allies of the [[ …

  • Goatfolk

    [[Goatfolk]] live in the center of the [[Monster Continent]] and are among the most peaceful of the civilizations that stay there next to the [[Gray Orcs]] and [[Kenku]]. Goatfolk are naturally a solitary culture but will not shun the possiblility of an …

  • Gray Orcs

    The [[Gray Orcs]], despite their appearance, are quite civilized and well-mannered compared to most of the other monsterous races that exist on the [[Monster Continent]].

  • Goblins

    [[Goblins]] are numerous across the [[Monster Continent]] and are easily stereotyped as the weakest of not only the [[Goblinoids]] but of all the civilizations of the Monster Continent.